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LACE merges gastronomic, hotel industry, and economic consulting expertise. Founded by veterans with over two decades of experience in luxury travel and concierge services, we specialize in Leading Hotel Quality, business succession, investments, and restaurant critique. We also cover economic matters in gastronomy, commercial real estate, luxury lifestyle, maritime, and aviation sectors.


We are delighted to receive your inquiry. As a luxury hotel or resort, please choose the Quality Check Premium package. For other luxury providers such as private jet operators, superyacht charters, and other luxury lifestyle providers, please choose the Quality Check Individual package.

High-Performance Media Package

Check Individual

Hotel Quality Check Premium

We provide comprehensive evaluations of hotel or resort facilities, covering both economic and legal aspects using our patented testing system. Trusted by leading hotels worldwide, our assessments help close quality gaps, address legal weaknesses, and significantly boost customer ratings.

Quality Check Individual

For private jets charter, yacht charter, and restaurants, our quality checks provide thorough evaluations of service and amenities. Trusted by industry leaders, our assessments help optimize your offerings, ensuring exceptional experiences for your clientele.

High-Performance Media Package

We have one of the most noted and professional videographers in our team. Let’s create your message to the world in excellent quality.

– Yacht Owner or Charters

– ⁠Luxury Hotels

– ⁠Restaurants & Bars

– ⁠Beach Club / Night Club

– ⁠Privat Jet / Helicopter Transfer

– ⁠Events / Sports / Music

Web Check Individual

Our web checks offer detailed evaluations of your online presence, analyzing content and effectiveness. Trusted by industry leaders, our assessments help optimize your web performance, boosting your visibility and audience engagement.

Our Partners

Our partners are distinguished leaders in the luxury hospitality and lifestyle sectors, ranging from renowned hotels and exclusive resorts to elite restaurant chains and high-end travel services. Their trust in us reflects our commitment to excellence, as we continuously strive to elevate their operational standards and enhance their market presence.

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