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We pride ourselves on being the leader of the etiquette and protocol industry, setting the benchmark others follow. This is why our network is the most established in the field, trusted by individuals, corporations, embassies, high-end hospitality providers and higher-education facilities across the world. We have a presence in more than 70 countries.
Not only have team members been trained by former members of Royal Households, we have direct relationships with members of Royal Families around the world. In turn we are the undisputed advisors for those seeking the highest level of training or certification. Quite simply, our level of expertise is unparalleled.

Etiquette Coaching 

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International Etiquette for ladies and for gentlemen 

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Hospitality Team Training (on the spot)

Hospitality Coaching 

Our Training and Development, covers a full range of conventions, rules, regulations, standards, and requirements which should be fully satisfied and met by the Communication Staff, in order to interact professionally with VIP persons and businessmen. Trainees will learn during this course written and non-written rules and regulations, on the adopted Official Protocol and Code of Conduct, as well as international cultural standards and differences.
Through this course we are going to introduce the rules and practices of gentle behavior, the good treatment practices with others, good reception, table arrangement, clothes, all these matters represent a large portion of our personality.
The application of Etiquette’s rules and principles of is a sure sign of respect and appreciation.