LACE Luxury Agents

Our experts are out and about every day for our esteemed clientele. Whether in Munich, Monaco, Tyrol, Dubai, or New York, we often see different countries and continents in one week and are delighted with the boundless hospitality and the trust that is placed in us.

Samy Lacey

Mr. Samy Lacey, as a board member of the company, is focused on making things even better, identifying market gaps and niches, developing software-based solutions, and perfecting operational processes and structures. His talent lies in Quality Management, which he has clearly demonstrated internationally in leading resorts, events, UHNWI clients, franchise concepts, and as a private coach. With his economic and technical knowledge, he not only convinces with Financial Models, Compliance, Outsourcing, and Restructuring plans but has, over many years, created a unique system to assess hotels, resorts, and restaurants sustainably, allowing for a secure and targeted response to quality gaps and legal vulnerabilities. Mr. Lacey’s clientele and references include numerous Leading Hotels and top gastronomers worldwide.

Nina Schlossmacher

Nina Schlossmacher provides precise and solution-oriented advice to numerous clients and companies in national and international projects.

An outstanding experience and education in Great Britan and Schottland gives her the competence for Personnel Coaching in Service and Etiquette. Her references and clients are international  Celebrities, Yacht Crews, (U)HNWI clients and even a Royal Family  

For several years, Nina Schlossmacher led high-class gastronomy and luxury hotel projects nationally and internationally, like in Australia and the USA. Serving as a project manager in a Investment Company, specialized in hotels and restaurants, she gained extensive experience in project construction, shopfitting, planning, and interior design.

Nina SchloƟmacher is regarded by many as a feared critic in the culinary world. A long-time food critic, her reviews and travel cookbooks gave her the experience and expertise.
At the end of the meal, Nina is going to write a review that has some impact.