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LACE Mystery Guesting Software 

All hotelchecks and conferencing checks are performed based on our patented mystery guesting software. This allows to track, analyse and compare every single check-item across all hotels and over time. Mystery Guests check the fulfilmeht of all the major and minor aspects which finally lead to a guest having a positive or negative experience

Our Mystery guesting questionnaires contain up to 1.500 items for resort hotels.

The LACE hospitality consulting group is an internationally recognised market leader in the field of luxury hospitality check. We provide a full range of high professional assessment and other services for the hotel, marine, tourism & leisure sectors through four advisory divisions – LACE luxuryagents, LACE legal, LACE realestate and LACE magazine.

LACE APPLICATION – in progress

Asset Management

Understanding what strategies and management practices result in increased cash flow and value is the key to asset management.

Operational Review / Audit

KPI Analysis & Benchmarking

F&B & other Department Analysis

Optimisation of Sales & Cost Structures

Performance & Future Reservation Outlook

GOP & EBITDA Display of Lease & Rental Potential

Cash Ratios, Debt Positions

Strategic FF&E Planning

Requirements & Investments

Support for Owners in Budget Negotiations

Operator Search & Selection

Project Development

Getting the development and planning right is fundamental to any hotel, hospitality and leisure project. We can spot development opportunities, recommending the concept and product that will realise its full potential.


Destination & Large Scale Project Master Planning

Facilities Programming

Highest & Best Use

Hotel Management Company Selection

Contract Negotiation

Market Entry Strategy

Market & Financial Feasibility Studies

Product Conceptualization

Project Capitalization & Financial Structuring

Strategic Planning

Hotel Market and Impact Study

Mystery Dining Package + Social Media 

Getting paid to go out to dinner sounds like a dream job, but there’s a lot more to it than you might expect.

Born in 1983, Nina Schloßmacher is regarded by many as a feared critic in the culinary world. A long-time food critic, her reviews and travel cookbooks gave her the experience and expertise.

At the end of the meal, Nina is going to write a review that has some impact. 

1.500 Individual Questions

Made To Improve Your Buisness

Critics are expected to possess extensive knowledge and experience in various cuisines, cooking techniques, ingredients, and culinary trends. They typically visit restaurants anonymously to ensure an authentic dining experience and to be treated like everyone else. They evaluate various factors, including the quality of the ingredients, the execution of the dishes, the atmosphere of the premises, the level of service provided by the staff, and the value for money. Their criticism can have a significant impact on a restaurant’s reputation and success.
Our team has international cooperations to leading social media agencys, influencer, blogger, magazines, videographers and content writers. 
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